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Thursdays & thankful!

My good friend Jiahui reminded me that November is a month of thanksgiving, and I too realise I have loads to be thankful for. I am thankful for my gorgeous family – my three men (of various sizes, haha…) and having their unconditional love and support in all that I set out to do. I… Read more »

He is 6. I Repeat, He Is Just 6.

Sometimes I forget. That my boy has only just turned 6. And sometimes, rationale flies out the window at the drop of the hat, and when an awesome song comes to mind, it has to be belted out, and loud. No matter the location – middle of the shopping mall or the middle of the… Read more »

In the not-that-distant past of mine

Dork alert. See if you can spot me in the above picture. My 12-year-old self. (Or at least I think I was 12. But I might have been 11. I have no clue.) And now, the reason why this horrendous photo is seeing the light of day? I blame my friend, who blogs over at… Read more »

What Does The Wh-aaat Say?

This is a topic I have thought about quite a bit in recent days. The world we live in can be a pretty scary one. As a parent, I turn on the TV and switch on the radio, and on the one hand, I want to shield my boys from foul-mouthed singers and four-letter-word-spewing actors… Read more »

Siblings – love & rivalry

When you thinking about having Child #1, the typical questions running through your mind are: ‘Am I ready for such a huge responsibility?’ ‘How can I handle a nothing human being?’ ‘How do I make it work?’ ‘Am I ready?’ ‘Am I ready?!?’ ‘O gawd. I don’t know! Where to start?’ Just to name a… Read more »