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Wordless Wednesday: All about a bestie

Two boys. Two different lives. Two different families. Two (somewhat) different personalities. But a bestie? Aah… best friends are forever!

Wordless Wednesdays – Daddy’s Day Special

My little boy at his cheekiest atop his hero’s shoulders! He is such a cheeky little fella! In Daddy’s own words… Parenting can be a hair-raising experience at times! (Especially when you have two cheeky monkeys… Haha!) Linking with…

Wordless Wednesdays – All about the cheeks!

He picked this up from a cute little girl in the office… and when you go “Cheeks!” my little boy goes like this. (Pic is blurred cos I was laughing so much my hands could hardly be still! Haha!) Linking up with …


Jay loves to doodle, and a simple way personalize our Sydney apartment is to put up some of his art pieces on the wall! I guess our little trip to Luna Park did leave a big impression on him! He drew this from memory, and this is the second one on Luna Park he did…. Read more »

Snow? Mess? One and the same.

It started out as such a simple request, and I think sleep deprivation dilutes one’s decision making ability. Cos I don’t know why else I said YES to the boys’ request to “play” with the styrofoam off one appliance I bought.   Little little bits.   And a whole lot of fun for two little… Read more »